August 17, 2012

Short & Sweet - August

Depression, Weedkiller, Heart Health

A current Stanford study indicates that girls are readily capable of controlling their brains’ responses to stressful situations, and are therefore able to prevent the onset of depression.

August 1, 2012

"O" Zone - August

Spiritual Perspective & Health 

    Health is based on a hierarchy of awareness.  The highest level of awareness is of your spiritual potential and where you stand in relation to that potential.

    Have you ever wondered just what kind of being you really are?  What were you really made for?  Why do you exist?  It is vital to good health to come to an awareness of the reason for our existence.  It is essential.  Remember, “health is the ability to comprehend yourself in your environment.”  To spiritually comprehend, or to “take in the meaning, nature, or importance of” your spiritual nature and potential is the baseline to vibrant and dynamic health.  Your quality of life is based entirely on this awareness. So you may ask, just how is my health based on this spiritual awareness?

    Our emotions are a by-product of our spiritual perspectives and our life experiences.

    Our emotions guide the way we think.

    The way we think drives the energy flow in the body, which in turn drives the blood circulation.

    Our emotions also form a chemical cascade that dictates the attitude and behavior of every cell in our body.

    The behavior of cells directs the newly discovered field of Epigenetics (, which actually control our genes.  It allows every thought and intention to be instantly integrated into our bodies’ tissue and fabric and to be passed on to our posterity through the amazing power of our genetic material.

    The food we eat also influences the way our genes express themselves, once again through this amazing epigenetic process.

    The activity we engage in influences our thoughts, energy production, circulation and level of emotions.

    This all regulates the expression of our genes.

    As a result, our health is almost totally based on the spiritual perspective we assume.

    It’s very hard to convince someone who has low back pain, or chronic foot pain that the pain has a spiritual origin, but all things do.  The ability to see this reality can be called the ability to “see far off.”  The ability to see things from a distant perspective gives us a realization that we cannot get from our close-up view of the world.  To read some excellent examples of this ability, see two stories in my book (on pages 170 and 173, respectively), and gain a deeper insight into this profound reality.

What are the things that limit our view? 
    Many of us limit our scope of vision because we look at life through the window of:

    Our appetites: this is a severely limiting perspective.  If we allow this to be our motivation, we base our view on our stomach, our thumb (which controls the remote control), the area just below the waist line, or what kind of things we can put into our body that influence our state of being; like tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sugar, or stimulants.

    Our prejudices: these are our judgments.  We usually base much of our view on improper judgment.  This does not only mean prejudice as we talk about it as a politically correct term, but our preconceived and ill-conceived notions we hold dear, despite obvious and apparent contradictions in life. 

    Our fears: our fears are simply those things we don’t want to happen.  When we don’t want something to happen, we are thinking about it; and where we put our thoughts and attention is where our energy goes.  Where our energy goes is what we create more of in life.  When we have fears, we tend to create the very thing we fear.

    Our individual self-centered desires: these are the positive events we think we want, like winning the lottery.  But for us to win the lottery, get that job, be picked by the coach, means that someone else is not being chosen, or winning.  So we are competing against others.  For us to win, they must lose.  We must be cautious of our selfish desires.

    Our view of the world, as based on our MFTP’s: the beliefs we have been taught by our mothers, fathers, teachers, or preachers that are not correct and ultimately self-limiting.  These ideas, like well, “you can’t have everything in life you want.”  Or “sometimes you just have to take what you can get.”  These are limiting, destructive of our potential, and just not true.  Be cautious what beliefs you choose to buy into.

    Finally, when we see far off, we will see the world as God sees it: through the lens of  Love, Gratitude, and Humility.  This level of awareness, or state of being, frees our vision; it opens our minds to see things as they really are.  The other limiting views are blocked out, and life takes on a full and refreshing ambiance.

    Do you want to know what your spiritual perspective is?  Look at your life, your emotions, loves, joys, frustrations, insecurities, physical health, fears and choices.  These will show you your spiritual perspective.  Do you like it?  Is it all you want it to be?  If not, ask better questions, gain greater insight by looking at the world in a different way.   
    When the student is ready the teacher will appear.  Be ready.

    Have a blessed month,
    Dr. O.