January 27, 2014

Megan's Fabulous Food - FIRST DEFENSE

While I normally like to discuss the world’s most fabulous and nourishing foods, this month I want to mention one of the world’s most fabulous supplements. Okay, well, at least one of this office’s most fabulous and efficient supplements. Unless you’re new to this office, you have probably heard of Life Rising’s First Defense.

This powerful Chinese herbal supplement is absolutely one of the best measures to ward off the flu this season, especially when taken at early onset. 

You know when you’re at work and you start to feel a bit achy, or when you wake up with a low-grade fever? That is when you need to grab your box of First Defense, open two packets to start, and quickly get it in your system! 

Our favorite and preferred way to take it is with a very small amount of hot water, mixing in the granules to help them dissolve, adding just a bit of cold water to cool it down, and then quickly gulping it down. This concentrated method does taste much stronger then if you simply drink it in a glassful of water. 

A few hours after taking your initial two packets, take another single packet. You should continue taking single-packet doses until you feel better.  Once you feel better, take it for one more day for good measure. 

I kid you not, this stuff is a miracle! My husband hasn’t been sick in years as a result of using this product, and even my extended family members—who prefer Western medicine—know and love this product dearly.

Now, when you come in to buy it, know that there are actually three different types of First Defense: There is FD-Cold, FD-Heat, and FD-Viral

The way to know which one to take is pretty simple: FD-Cold when you feel cold, and FD-Heat when you feel hot. FD-Viral is used far less often and typically after the flu has started to set in. 

If you do not already have one to two boxes of both FD-Cold and FD-Heat in your house, now is the time to come in and purchase them. If you have children away at college, include this supplement in their luggage when you send them back to school after holiday break. If you are new to this product, I cannot wait for you to try it. If you used this product long ago and have forgotten about its effectiveness, come by and grab some. I know you will love it!



We now have a kit which gives you nearly a 20% discount on the seven herbal supplements that cover all your needs during cold and flu season. It also comes with directions on how and when to use them. This kit is a must for every home.

January 15, 2014

Short and Sweet

Sugary sodas and other treats appear to cause brain damage:  A new study suggests too much sugar can shrink the brain areas linked to memory and emotional processing. According to Dr. Cherbuin, an epidemiologist and neuroscientist at the prestigious Australian National University in Canberra, the best way to reduce the likelihood of this happening is adopting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding eating high amounts of sugar.

Migraines link to plastic cups and bottles: New research shows that a controversial ‘gender-bending’ chemical in synthetic packaging may trigger migraines. Researchers urge sufferers to cut their potential exposure to BPA by not using plastic microwave trays, bottles and office water coolers. Bisphenol A (BPA) has already been linked to a range of heath problems including obesity, infertility and heart attacks. 
Pharmaceutical firms paid for privilege to attend meetings of panel that advises FDA: A scientific panel that shaped the federal government’s policy for testing the safety and effectiveness of painkillers was funded by major pharmaceutical companies that paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the chance to affect the thinking of the Food and Drug Administration, according to hundreds of e-mails obtained by a public records request.

'Food fraud' a growing problem in grocery stores: If you are what you eat, you could be having an identity crisis. Foods we eat every day could include ingredients that aren't supposed to be the there. It's called "food fraud" and its a growing problem. Fish, honey, milk, orange juice, and olive oil - what do they all have in common? They top the list when it comes to food fraud. Cheap imitations are filling up grocery store shelves. 

Is Chicken Pox Vaccine to Blame for Shingles Outbreak?: Nationally recognized health authority and neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock says that older people develop shingles because their cellular immunity is suppressed: "The answer to this problem is not to add one more vaccine—it is to boost cellular immunity by replacing deficient vitamins and minerals and using specific cellular immune stimulants, such as beta-glucan," says Dr. Blaylock. "Cleaning up the immune-suppressing American diet is also essential.” 

Research uncovers the "gut-brain axis": It has long been established that our gut acts as a second nervous system and is capable of functioning without input from the brain.
Nevertheless, the brain and gut are still intimately connected through a process called "the gut-brain axis", and changes to either system can have dramatic effects on the other. Recent findings highlight the important role of bacteria in the communication between the gut and the brain. Our increasing knowledge of how human mental illnesses – such as autism, anxiety, and depression – are linked to gut flora may lead to future treatments of mental illness.

January 10, 2014

The "O" Zone

Photo by Exsodus
In our last Ozone (which can be found here) we promised we would talk about how to attract into life what you really want. 
A few years ago, there was a book called "The Secret." This book promised to describe this process. In my opinion, it talked about half of the process of creation. Due to time and space, I will not review what the book taught. But it only taught half of the process of creation. 
There is a trap in seeking to create, in that it is usually based on want: “I want a new car.” “I want a better paying job.” “I want to live the life of my dreams.” “I want to be financially independent.” “I want my spouse to be more caring.” “I want my friend to apologize to me for that mean thing they said to me.”
The problem arises when we want things, but don’t know why we want them. 
If the new car is supposed to establish an image in the eyes of your peers, then you have to ask why you think you need a car to demonstrate what you are inside. For instead of addressing the inner issue, you are only addressing the surface issue with the status-mobile. 
But the energy of creation is based on your core needs, or as Dr. Demartini says, “your innermost dominant thought or desire.” 
What is your innermost dominant desire? Do you really know? It is at this level of your being that the energy of creation is controlled.
What does this have to do with health? I’m glad you asked; read on.
A thought came to me in my morning prayers today: “In order to create what can be, we must consciously live in what really is. In order to live in what really is, we must see things as they really are.”

This next idea is a really important one. Please pay close attention: In order to see things as they really are, we must not be looking at life through our pain or illnesses, but through the lens of our health. If our motivation is to get away from our pain or our illness, we will probably not be successful. If however, our intention is to learn and grow because of our illness or our pain, we have a much better chance of succeeding. 
Remember, health is the ability to comprehend myself in my environment, Spiritually, Emotionally, Nutritionally, Structurally, and Energetically. It is not a lack of symptoms, disease, or pain—it is an awareness. An awareness of what those things are made of, and why they are present. It is an awareness of what they really are. This correct awareness will always (yes, I use that word cautiously and correctly) be accompanied by peace and gratitude. 
So in order to create what you want, you must understand what it really is that you want. Is it a new car, or is it a better self-image? Is it a new lover, or is it the validation that comes from being loved? Is it a college degree, or is it your parent’s validation? Is it money, or is it the belief that with that money, you will finally be safe from your fears? 
In each of these cases, the desired outcome will not address the real problem. As a result, you will not get what you are seeking, unless that item is to bring pain or, in other words, transformational humility. For the things that do come into our lives in these cases will actually make life more painful. When this happens it is a sure sign we are off-purpose. 
The best course to get what you want is to seek true health, not relief. If health is your guide, you will find true happiness sooner than with any other course. 
I want to use a story to depict this process. Let’s imagine a boy (a good boy, but not a very noticeable boy) who goes to church one day and is taught that if we ask of God, we will get. If we seek, we will find. He goes home and thinks about this. There is this girl at school, a cheerleader; actually, she is THE cheerleader. She is so beautiful. He believes that if she would just notice him, she would like him. And if she liked him, all of his problems would melt away. He decides that if he had a red Ferrari, she would not only notice him, but be attracted to him. So he prays, and prays, and prays all afternoon, and into the night, asking that when he wakes up in the morning, there will be a nice new shiny red Ferrari in his driveway.
In the morning his eyes snap open. He leaps to the window, and looks down on his driveway, expecting his new car. 
Will it be there? 
Why not? Read on.
Well, he is in a pretty bad mood all morning. As he walks into school, he shoves the door open with a little extra animus, and the door bangs into the back of someone. Well, not just someone, but into the school bully, Bobby. Bobby doesn’t take kindly to that, and grabs him, punches him, steals his lunch money, and leaves him in a heap on the floor, more angry than ever. 
Every day after that, despite the boy’s best efforts, Bobby would find him and punish him again, and again. Each time is humiliating and frustrating.  He starts getting stomachaches in the morning. He gets moody, and even more distant from others than ever before.
The year creeps painfully along, until one day when a friend in his band of nerds mentions that he has enrolled in a martial arts class. He says his Sifu is just like the guy in The Karate Kid. He invites his picked-on buddy to come to class with him. Probably due to sheer desperation, the boy accepts the invitation. Surprisingly, he loves the class. The Master is so cool. The boy signs up for classes and keeps going even after his nerdy friend drops out. The boy has a natural ability that he didn’t know was there. He and the Master get along really well, and he gets a lot of special attention. As school ends, he is at the studio almost every day. His Master puts him in some competitions, and he does really well, again showing a natural latent talent. His Master doesn’t only teach him martial arts, but he also teaches him of a new way of looking at life and himself. His confidence grows. He starts carrying himself differently, and starts thinking about himself differently. 
The first day of school, he walks in the front door, and bangs the door into someone: Bobby. Bobby reaches out, grabs the boy’s shirt, looks in his eyes, and pauses. There was now something of the tiger in this kitten. Bobby quickly decides this tiger shouldn’t be messed with. He reluctantly says, “Good to see you again,” and walks off. The boy is stunned. He and the Bully Bobby, actually become friends. He suddenly becomes noticed at school. Kids who hadn’t noticed him before, now want to be his friend. In his newfound confidence, he not only accepts their friendship, but becomes a friend. He lifts up those he is around. Instead of needing their validation, he actually gives them validation.
One day THE cheerleader talks to him. He is incredulous. But, there is another girl, a really nice girl that he kind of likes more. He and the cheerleader become friends, but this other girl is different. She is special. 
The boy’s prayer was answered. He attracted into his life exactly what he really wanted: confidence and a good self image. God gave him Bobby instead of a red Ferrari.

So again, what is your innermost dominant desire? If you choose health as your guide, you will find true happiness sooner than with any other course. 
Have a blessed month,
Dr. O.

"Yin Yang Symbol" by Exsodus, freedigitalphotos.net