Your Initial Visits

Using an in-depth process of consultation and examination, Dr. Olson will identify the root of any problems in the five S.E.N.S.E. areas. In a third visit, he will give a report of findings from the exam, explain the treatment plan he feels is necessary for the patient to enjoy maximum wellbeing, and begin the treatment process.

Your first visit is the initial consultation

In this visit, Dr. Olson will spend approximately 30 minutes getting to know you and your unique health situation. He will help you establish your health goals, and determine how you can achieve them. He will also tell you whether or not he can help you along that path.

Approximate length of consultation: 60 minutes

Cost: $40

Your second visit is an exam

First, Dr. Olson and a chiropractic assistant will take you through a series of computerized scans. Then Dr. Olson will conduct a careful and thorough evaluation of your physical structure and nerve system, as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluation of the balance of your body’s systems. The exam will give him the insight needed to treat the underlying cause of your condition.

Approximate length of exam: 60 minutes

Cost: up to $150

Your third visit is a report of findings & treatment

In this visit, Dr. Olson will discuss the exam results with you, and present the healing plan he will have prepared for you. If you accept the treatment plan, you will receive your first treatment during this appointment.

           Approximate length of report: 30 minutes + treatment time

           Approximate length of treatment: 15-45 minutes, depending on treatment modality

Cost: Will be based on treatment modality (see Menu of Services).

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