December 26, 2012

Natural Detox Tips For The Holidays

With all the delicious foods to choose from during the holidays, there are times when we overindulge. To deal with our lack of constraint that can produce an upset tummy, here are some natural and inexpensive remedies to jumpstart digestive systems back into high gear.

Herbal teas
Warm and soothing, these caffeine-free herbal teas can ease an uncomfortable, bloated system upon contact.
Peppermint—Used for centuries to ease the digestive system.
                      Assists with dissipation of gas and indigestion.
Chamomile—With anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties,
                       the calming effects of this tea also help relieve stress,
                       which is often linked to digestive problems.
Lemon grass—Soothes the digestive system and calms the nerves.

Green juices
Green juices are packed with nutrition, enable the release of stored toxins throughout the system, and help can cleanse your digestive system, helping to move things along while providing an extra dose of readily available nutrients.
Start with vegetables that are gentle on your system—
like celery and cucumbers—adding a little apple to sweeten things up.

Natural enzymes
Pineapples contain the digestive enzyme bromelain, and papayas contain papain. These natural enzymes support the digestive system in breaking down and absorbing nutrients from the foods we eat.
Consuming the fresh juice from these fruits can help relieve gas,
upset stomach and occasional constipation and diarrhea.

Warm lemon water is used to alleviate digestive distress, support liver detoxification, normalize digestive juices, and reduce intestinal bloating.
Mix half of a juiced lemon with eight ounces of warm water.
Drink upon waking, on an empty stomach.

Ginger stimulates digestion by speeding up the movement of
food from the stomach into the small intestine. Widely used all over the world for many digestive disturbances, ginger has been found to soothe the digestive lining and balance gastric juices, making it a great remedy for overeating.

Peel and slice a two-inch piece of fresh ginger.
Add to three cups of boiling water.
Brew for five minutes, strain and sip the tea slowly.
Optional: add natural sweetener to taste.

Naturally fermented
Naturally high in probiotics, foods such as raw sauerkraut provide beneficial enzymes that increase the digestibility of any food. This enhances lactic acid, which in turn promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout the intestines as well as preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and increasing nutrient absorption.

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December 17, 2012

Fabulous Foods

Witthaya Phonsawat |

Eating Beans and Lentils Daily Balances Blood Sugar and Prevents Complications in Diabetics

Jonathan Benson

More evidence has emerged debunking the appropriateness of a whole grain-based diet for diabetics, which mainstream health authorities often recommend as beneficial for managing the disease. A New study out of Canada reveals that regularly eating beans, lentils, and other legumes instead of grains can help effectively promote and sustain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, suggesting that diet alone may be all that is needed for many diabetics to properly manage and even cure their condition.

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December 9, 2012

Short & Sweet

Pregnancy, Taxes, & How to Savor Candy

‘Avoid sweetened drinks’: Scandinavian scientists warn pregnant mothers that artificially and sugar-sweetened drinks may be linked to preterm childbirth. 

A Bitter Sweet Symphony? Consumers who prefer milk chocolate have a significantly lower threshold for bitter tastes.

Because of health benefits attributed to walnuts, FDA calls them a “new drug” and restricts the kind of information that may be listed on the packaging.

'Fat Tax': Like all simplistic ideas it falls down at the execution, as the progress of the policy in Denmark shows—it simply doesn’t work in practice.

CDC researchers concerned about looming potential of untreatable gonorrhea, due to the disease’s increasing resistance to antibiotics.

Optimum Candy Physics—Austrian-based researchers claim to have calculated the optimal way to enjoy spherical candies and make them last longer.

December 3, 2012

"O" Zone

Learn How To Read Your Body By Looking At Your Tongue

Part 1: Color

Warning: We are going to be learning really cool things, but you will need to be okay with looking at tongues and learning what 4,000 years of experience has taught practitioners of Acupuncture. 

In Acupuncture, which is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the tongue is a vital part of diagnosing patients’ conditions and the quality of their health. 

Acupuncture is based on any imbalance in our body, mind and spirit.  Imbalance is usually described as:
  • Being too hot, or too cold
  • Having too much energy in your system, or too little
  • Being driven by an internal problem, or an external problem
  • Being too Yin, or too Yang. (In this article, we will focus on the first three imbalances.)
Whenever something is too hot, it is manifest by the color red.  If it is too cold, it is manifest by the color white, or paleness.  If the condition is caused by too much energy, there will be a dark color.  If there is too little energy, there will be a pale color. 

So, what can your tongue tell you about your health? There are many tongue characteristics that indicate the quality of your health. This article will help you to identify imbalance in your system by monitoring your tongue’s color.

The tongue is broken down into areas. Use this chart as a guide to where the imbalance is:

If your tongue is normal, your health is mostly good:

If your tongue is red, you have too much heat inside your body:

If your tongue is too pale, you are lacking energy somewhere in your system:

 If you have a dark tongue, it means you have too much energy, or a congestion of that energy:

If you have a purple tongue it means you have blood congestion in the body (compare the color to the “normal” tongue, rather than to the dark tongue):

Watch your tongue every day: If you see that it is out of its normal range, come in to get your body back on track before you actually get sick.  By learning to watch your tongue, you are beginning to practice true preventive health care.

-Dr. O.

November 18, 2012

Fabulous Food

Honey and its Many Benefits to Overall Health and Wellness
Aurora Geib

Patou |
Honey is a popular sweetener produced from nectar, propolis or "bee glue" and enzymes in a bees' saliva. Other insects produce honey but bee honey is the more popular kind. Honey is composed of simple sugars easily used by the body. Honey is popularly known as a sweetener, but many do not know that it also contains nutritional and medical qualities praised by none other than Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

November 12, 2012

Chiropractic News!

     I just got this note from a patient.  He has shared something that I want to share with all of you:

   There is a full length documentary that is showing for a short time on Dr. Mercola's web site that talks about how the AMA tried to destroy the chiropractic industry. If you are interested take a look.
-From a caring patient and seeker of health!

   For a short time you can view a new documentary that each of us needs to watch.  It is only available for free for a short time.  It is something we all need to be aware of.  Please take a little time and watch.  It could change your life for the better, forever!  
    Dr. Olson

Short and Sweet
Empathy, weight, & Grandparents

Empathy reduces the ability to be analytical:
   New research shows a simple reason why even the most intelligent, complex brains can be taken by a swindler’s story – one that upon a second look offers clues it was false.
   When the brain fires up the network of neurons that allows us to empathize, it suppresses the network used for analysis, a pivotal study led by a Case Western Reserve University researcher shows.

November 5, 2012

"O" Zone

A Life Changed by Chiropractic Care
     I was an active boy. We lived in the valleys of the rocky mountains, and I loved to run, play, swim, and ride bikes. Sports were not an activity, but a way of life. I know my body took a beating.
     Once, when my back kept hurting for two weeks, my mother did something brave. She went against convention and took me to a chiropractor: a gray-haired man in his 60's, named Dr. Gray. He examined my spine, feeling my back with nimble, soft, warm and knowing hands. In a few moments, he found the problem and delivered a gentle, corrective adjustment to my eight-year-old spine.
     As I stood up and stretched after my first chiropractic adjustment, that sharp pain was gone, and I thought Dr. Gray was a miracle worker. As I looked up at him and told him that what he had done was “really neat,” he looked into my young eyes far below his, and, with a sincerity that denied our vast age difference, said, “If you ever want to know more about this, you let me know.” 
     Inside my mind, spirit, and body resonated a loud echo that spoke firmly: “Yes, I do.”

    A life-long gift
     What was the impact of that adjustment? The area he touched, adjusted, and allowed to heal is the area that protects the nerve that controls and nurtures my liver. For two weeks, I had been sore and in pain, a sure sign that there was nerve interference. At that time, I was focused on the pain. Since then, I have benefited infinitely by having a clean, functioning liver. If my dear mother had not had the wisdom to take me to a chiropractor, I would have lived for the last 40 years with nerve interference to the liver. Any number of problems could have been instigated, such as digestive problems, cholesterol imbalances, bowel dysfunction, excess anger, stress, hormonal imbalances, or problems with any one of the liver’s 1,400-plus functions. 

     That adjustment is one of the lasting legacies of a wise mother who loved me. You may think it was just a back pain that went away. I know better, and so does my body. And there is another legacy that has blossomed from Dr. Gray’s adjustment and kind invitation.

    A legacy of healing
     Billy had had two surgeries to correct a lazy eye. At least, that was what they intended the surgeries to do. They did work for a short time, but the lazy eye just kept coming back.  ‘Another surgery will be necessary,’ the mother was told. This time she thought out of the box: a short series of chiropractic adjustments to correct nerve interference in his upper neck, and the lazy eye straightened out with no invasive procedure.
     Another brave act of a wise mother.

     Many of you have heard about baby Jessica. She was more dead than alive when her mother brought her in: she had no life in her eyes; she had no reflexes at all; she couldn’t suck a bottle; she couldn’t even cry. She laid in her mother’s arms, a limp and nearly lifeless testament to a violent birth procedure. A few gentle adjustments to her grossly subluxated neck, and she started sucking the bottle, crying, thriving and coming back to life.
     Dr. Gray's adjustment had touched another life. One adjustment to a child’s back, and it was still healing.

     Jane said, handing me the x-rays, "The last three doctors I have been to laughed at me. Don’t laugh at me. My back hurts. Can you help me?" She had a curve to her spine that no x-rays were needed to reveal. She had a spine shaped like a sideways horseshoe. It was the most severe scoliosis I have ever seen. The other so-called doctors laughed at her when she said her back hurt. Their scorn was biting her as deeply as the pain. After 8 adjustments she was smiling again. 
     Dr. Gray had struck again. “If you ever want to know more about this, you let me know.”

    Perpetuating the power to heal
    Not only has my body been blessed every day of my life since that adjustment, but it has served thousands more people than his healing hands ever touched. I am the older chiropractor, now, to about 15 chiropractors, with three more starting Chiropractic School in the next few months. Every day, they touch and help children, mothers, fathers and grandparents to heal.
     God is good to me. He gave me a mother that is good, courageous and—even though she has passed on in life—she is still gifting me in so many ways. That first visit to Dr. Gray was just one of the gifts.
     Please take advantage of the power God put in your body to heal. Trust in it. Give it the help it needs. Parents, be courageous enough to follow my mother’s wisdom. Give your child a gift that will keep healing through their whole lives. My mother did, and her gift has not stopped healing yet. A spine in alignment is at the core of each body that has the chance to heal.         
     Have a blessed month,
                     Dr. Olson

October 29, 2012

Exercise is smart for your heart – and makes you smarter
     In a new study, previously sedentary adults were put through four months of high-intensity interval training. At the end, their cognitive functions – the ability to think, recall and make quick decisions – had improved significantly, says Dr. Martin Juneau, director of prevention at the Montreal Heart Institute.
     “If you talk to people who exercise, they say they feel sharper. Now we’ve found a way to measure that,” says Dr. Juneau.

October 15, 2012

Fabulous Food - October

Seven Ways That Taking Ginger Can Spice Up Your Health
Jonathan Benson

    Cultivated and used medicinally for thousands of years all around the world, ginger root is a powerful medicinal herb that offers a variety of unique health benefits. When taken regularly in therapeutic doses, ginger root can effectively cure nausea; promote healthy digestion; boost immunity; treat asthma; improve cardiovascular function and heart health; relieve pain; and even prevent and cure chronic disease by quelling inflammation.

October 8, 2012

Short & Sweet - October

Exercise, Sleep, and Caffeine

Researchers indicate that there is little benefit and potential heart-health danger associated with exercising more than an hour per day.

October 3, 2012

"O" Zone - October

The Four Steps to Blatantly Defy the Aging Process

Aging: The great fear of almost everyone. Getting older—not in wisdom, or just years, but looking older—is an undesirable side effect of mortality. 
One day, a lady of 83 years sat in my office, and with a shaken look on her face said, “I just had lunch with the girls.” These were her grade school girlfriends. They got together every month, and had done so for nearly 50 years.
“During lunch,” she continued, “I looked across the table at the other girls, turned to my friend and asked her, ‘Do they look as old as we do?’” She was very shaken. All of a sudden, the double chin that had slowly been cultured on her neck, the myriad wrinkles, the swollen ankles, and the sagging skin under her eyes all overcame the twinkle in those eyes. She was truly shocked. Fifty years of age had hit her in one sudden jolt. 

So, how do you elude this occurrence in life? Don’t have lunch with the girls? Yes, that would work. Drive really fast everywhere you go? That is another possible solution. Take up skate boarding after you go on Medicare? That is another possible way to escape aging. 
But let’s get serious: Are you really interested in living a long and highly-active, enjoyable life? Then let’s talk about the four core ingredients to an excellent quality of life, laced with a heavy dose of quantity.

The grand secret ingredients to a long and happy life are the Four P’s:
 Ingredient number one: 
Finding peace and quiet in the midst of a troubled world is the first step to defying age. Do you see the negative in the tumult of the world around you, or can you find peace in the possibility for good in every event? The steps that lead to this are contemplation, mediation and prayer. 

•  Contemplation is the willingness to look at life through your eyes, your heart and your gut. This requires we use logic, love and longing to see our current situation against a backdrop of the possible. 
•  Meditation is the course of stillness. It is the willingness to pause and be still, to stop telling yourself your story. Stop being a victim of life. Stop justifying, stop complaining, stop blaming, and start accepting that you are who you are and where you are because you choose it. This can be accomplished by formally meditating, or by just planning and allowing time, even fleeting moments of reality to penetrate the shell of fear we carefully build around ourselves. The more you allow this seeping-in of reality, the easier it is to become a cause in life rather than just another effect. 
•  Prayer is the next level of finding peace. Prayer is neither contemplation nor meditation: it is the conscious intent to communicate with the divine, or God, on God’s terms. Contemplation and mediation are solitary, like laying in a meadow on a sunny day, enjoying the warmth of sunlight on your face. 
      Prayer is the equivalent of spiritual agriculture: it is like learning to live with the earth and helping it to lend of its abundance to support your livelihood. Prayer requires reality and humility. It requires a willingness to set aside our own agenda in order to assimilate God’s will. 

Peace in life comes as we pursue the path of our highest potential. Unless we walk that path, we cannot find peace. Peace is the blend of inwardly knowing that we are reaching toward the reality of our potential, and the divine sanction of that same reality. 
Peace is neither quietude nor stillness, alone. It is a growing inner knowingness, and a divine manifestation that you are reaching your potential.

Ingredient Number Two:     


How long has it been since you acted like a playing child? How long has it been since you jumped rope, walked on a curb, balanced on one foot, laughed like a child, had someone tickle your ribs until you cried, let someone hold you and comfort you, jumped on your bed, or sat and colored a coloring book and didn’t stay within any of the lines? 
What do you do physically that you really love? It can be intimacy, ecstasy or just plain silliness. Let some light into your life and “lighten up” and have some physical phun.  Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, difficult or complicated.  To be most effective it should be phun, and you will get younger. 
What have you always wanted to do?  It’s never too late!  Start now and work toward it.  The harder might be the better.  Let us support you.  Tell us about it, and we will help you find any help you need to stretch you body, mind and soul, but make it physically phun!  They claim that laughter can lengthen your life by eight years.  Interested?  Stop being so serious.

Ingredient Number Three:     
Give your body the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason, and your body will express its gratitude in kind with smooth skin, pliable strong muscles and a clear mind. 
Nutrition comes in many forms: the food we eat, the things we put on our skin, the sunshine we absorb, the thoughts we think when we eat, and how we blend with nature in our habits. 
•  Eat clean, whole food. Choose foods according to your metabolic type and energetic needs.  We have developed a new, outstanding nutrition program that gives you exactly the right nutritional approach for your system.  No more generalizations: this nutritional system is perfectly personalized to your needs.  The early returns are so exciting, I can’t recommend it highly enough!
•  Eat according to the seasons.  Eat the food that grows in your climate, in the season in which it grows, and eat it fresh.
•  Be grateful for each meal you eat.  Express gratitude by offering a prayer of thanksgiving for the abundance you have.
•  Eat with a good attitude. 
•  A family meal is always good for everyone. 
•  Take your time: eat slowly. 
•  Drink after your meal not during it (it dilutes digestive juices).
•  Your skin is an organ of assimilation and of elimination. Don’t put anything on your skin that you couldn’t eat. Everything you put on your skin ends up in your body, or blocks your body’s ability to absorb. I highly recommend a high-quality product to hydrate and nurture your skin, like those from Arbonne. Contact us for more information on this wonderful topical form of nutrition. Look good and feel great by caring for your shell as you nurture your whole system.
•  Get a little sunshine every morning, if you can. 10 a.m. sun is safe and beneficial.  Start with very little, like ten or fifteen minutes, then work up to half an hour a day. It is good for you in almost every way. Avoid burns. Don’t stay out so long that you need to worry about sunscreens. Your body will be happier. It is best to be active while you are outside. A little perspiration cleanses the skin, while you feed it with pure sunlight. 

Ingredient Number Four:    
      Take care of your physical frame:
•  Chiropractic adjustments are essential ingredients to any health plan. It is the only organized system to free the nerve system of disorder called a “subluxation.” This is a condition in which the nerve system gets obstructed from its normal function by the spine being out of alignment. It only associates with pain about 20% of the time.
      Come in and have a nerve system check up to see if you have interference in your nerve system function. Your nerve system controls your energy, your immune function, and has a huge influence on your mood. Removing nerve interference is one of the greatest paths to getting younger.
•  Energy balance is vital to youthfulness and vitality: the Dao De Ching says that flexibility is life and rigidity is death. Maintaining your energy balance is a vital aspect to staying young & flexible, and regaining lost health. Acupuncture is the preeminent system of energy balance. A simple test called the Acugraph test will show how balanced your energy is.

So, again: are you really interested in living a long and highly-active, enjoyable life? If so, make the four P’s an integral part of your daily life. Peace, Phun, Phood and Physical will nurture the twinkle in your eye.

Have a blessed month,

Dr. Olson