September 8, 2014

Short and Sweet

Rashes From Wipes, Liquid Soaps On The Rise: “In the last two or three years, we've suddenly seen a big increase in people with this type of allergy," said Dr. Matthew Zirwas. The chemical preservative, methylisothiazolinone, can cause an itchy, painful rash that can include blisters and resembles a reaction to poison ivy. It is found in many water-based products, including pre-moistened wipes, cosmetics, liquid soaps, hair products, sunscreen, and laundry and cleaning products. 
Dr. Olson: A good, healthy hand soap is so much better than these chemical-laden hand wipes. I think we are wiser to worry about the chemical toxins in our products (which we have no natural way of dealing with), than natural bugs that we have built-in protections against. Ask Diane about the wonderful Arbonne cleansers or Doterra soaps that are rich in essential oils that are so healthy in so many ways. 

Minnesota Becomes First State to Ban Antibacterial Chemical ‘Triclosan’: It's widely used nationwide as a germ-killing ingredient in soaps, deodorants and even toothpaste, but critics including the FDA say there's no evidence that triclosan soaps are any more effective than washing with plain soap and water for preventing the spread of diseases. A study found increasing levels of triclosan in the sediments of several lakes, and that the chemical can break down in those waters into potentially harmful dioxins. Studies have raised concerns that it can disrupt hormones critical for reproduction and development, at least in lab animals, and contribute to the development of resistant bacteria.
Dr. Olson: Killing bugs is not nearly as important as keeping your immune system active and effective. Over-sterilizing your environment is not healthy. We need to have bacteria on our hands. The more good bacteria we have (and almost all of them are good), the less likely it is that we will get an overgrowth of virulent bacteria. A good non-bacteriacidal soap is a good thing to use. Arbonne sells good hand and face soaps. Doterra also has some excellent soaps that are gentle on the skin, are good cleansers, and yet don't devastate the first line of immunity on our body: the hosts of healthy microorganisms that protect us. Ask Diane about these healthy products that will give you a fighting edge against disease-causing organisms that are so common in our society.

Dogs Sniff Out Prostate Cancer: Dogs can be trained to sniff out organic compounds tied to prostate cancer, according to a new study that finds they're 98 percent accurate. While it’s not a test that is ready for prime time, the findings suggest quick and accurate new ways to screen for the disease, which kills 29,000 U.S. men every year. And the report joins a growing list of studies showing that dogs can smell the byproducts of various types of cancer.

Cancer-killing Chamomile: Based on the findings of a Japanese research team, German chamomile extracts seem to induce apoptosis in cancerous cells. The anticancer effects of bisabolol oxide (BSBO), one of its main components, were analyzed when used on rat thymocytes. It turns out that cancerous cells started shrinking and dying within the first 24 hours of incubation.
Dr. Olson: Nature is full of herbs and foods that have natural benefits in every type of condition. Take advantage of healthy herbal teas, great foods, a diet rich in organic vegetables, or take advantage of our Vitamineral Green, a very healthy product that delivers the equivalent nutrient of 8-12 servings of fruits and vegetables with each serving.  

The United States Has A Really High Infant Mortality Rate: The infant mortality rate in the United States is more than twice that of countries like Japan and Sweden. It hasn’t always been like this. In the 1960s, the United States actually had a lower infant mortality rate than the average among its peer countries. The country began to lag in the 1980s.
Dr. Olson: Too much intervention, not enough good nutrition, and not as much natural health care as we should have. Too many drugs at a young age is one of the worst things we can do to our kids. Only intervene with medical proceedures when absolutely necessary. Kids get colds and flu's. Let them fight through it naturally and they will never loose their immunity. You may not know this, but this year's flu vaccine is the same exact vaccine as last year's. They are still encouraging people to get vaccinated again, even though they had that same vaccine a year ago. There is no other vaccine on the market that does not claim to last at least 3-5 years. Why would they want to sell you another vaccine that you don't need? I'll give you one gue$$. 

Top CDC expert declares that “We've reached the end of antibiotics”: “Miracle drugs” that have saved millions are no match against “superbugs” because people have overmedicated themselves. “We are literally in a position of having a patient in a bed who has an infection, something that five years ago even we could have treated, but now we can’t.”
Dr. Olson: I find the language in the article fascinating, "people have overmedicated themselves." Can patients write their own prescriptions for antibiotics? Who gives the prescriptions? Then why blame the patient for a problem created by the medical establishment? We need to understand it is our fault, not the medical establishment's, who prescribed the meds in the first place. 
There are so many natural alternatives that bugs will never become immune to. If you want an appropriate alternative, we can recommend a good one based on your body's specific needs. And guess what? No side effects.  

Have a blessed month!