August 13, 2013

Short and Sweet!

The dangers of Diet Soda: According to a new study published in the journal General Dentistry, constant exposure to the citric and phosphoric acid in soda – without proper dental hygiene – can be just as damaging to teeth as methamphetamine or crack cocaine.

Omega-3s Shown to Inhibit Cancer: Researchers have found that omega-3 fatty acids and their metabolite products slow or stop the proliferation, or growth in the number of cells, of triple-negative breast cancer cells more effectively than cells from luminal types of the disease.

The Benefits of Boosting Testosterone: In addition to sex drive, testosterone helps maintain strong bones, muscle mass and strength, and keeps fat evenly distributed. Also, a recent study found that men with low testosterone levels were at greater risk of developing painful rheumatoid arthritis as they aged. Men can boost testosterone levels naturally by increasing their intake of certain foods: Oysters, broccoli, garlic, bananas, brazil nuts, eggs. 

Irregular Bedtimes Lower Kids' Test Scores: Young children without consistent bedtimes in early childhood score lower on tests of intellectual performance at age 7, which may affect their health and wellbeing later in life. The researchers said that the effects seem to build up over time.

Incredible Number of Psychiatric Diagnoses:  New York’s Health Department estimated that more than 145,000 city children struggle with mental illness or other emotional problems. If that is true, that equals an amazing 1 in 5 kids. There has been a massive mislabeling of psychiatric diagnosis among children because of recent medical fads.

Personal Reactions Predict Personal Health: Contrary to popular perception, stressors don’t cause health problems — it’s people’s reactions to the stressors that determine whether they will suffer health consequences, according to researchers at Penn State.