March 28, 2014

The "O" Zone

Are you adapting to, supporting, or correcting the real problem?

Our Health is the foundation of all our life experience.  Each day you create memories.  The better your health, the finer, more desirable and choice will those memories be.  Good health leads to greater optimism, more energy to do more, greater clarity about life’s potentials and purposes, and the ability to reach toward those noble possibilities.  There is no life event that will not be finer and more special, experienced from a place of vibrant health rather than otherwise. 

If you want your life to be the best it can be, you must approach the issue of health in all its five areas: Spiritual, Emotional, Nutritional, Structural, and Energetic.  Remember that health is the ability to comprehend yourself in your environment, or circumstance, as you really are in each of those five areas.  Let’s abbreviate these five areas into Health S.E.N.S.E.  I think we can all agree that any symptom, condition, pain, or otherwise unhealthy state is caused by a departure from a balanced and vibrant S.E.N.S.E. of health.  So when you get a condition, are you caring for the S.E.N.S.E., or for the condition?  Think about it.  Is that elevated blood pressure a result of an imbalance, or the base level problem?  Do you then adapt to it, support it, correct it or aggravate it?  What about thyroid problems, back pain, headaches, or emotional problems?   How do you deal with these situations? 
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Here is a vital question to ask yourself: Is the problem (like a pain) the problem, or a result of the problem?  If you think the pain is the problem, you will do all you can to get rid of the pain, at almost any cost.

What about high blood pressure?  This can be caused by stress.  How does stress cause an elevation in the blood pressure?  One mechanism is that chronic stress secretes a hormone called Cortisol.  Cortisol forces blood from the vital organs to the muscular tissue as a response to help us fight or flee from our stressors.  Eventually the organs begin to be starved of blood and accumulate toxins as a result of poor circulation.  Blood pressure is raised as a last ditch effort of the body to provide more oxygen to the vital organs and purge out the heavy toxins that poison our system.  We discover that our blood pressure is high and adapt to it by taking drugs for the rest of our lives to lower blood pressure, thus starving our vital internal organs of needed nutrient and actually facilitating the deadly accumulation of toxins in our vital organs.  Is this a good choice?  Why? Because you are just adapting to a symptom rather than fixing the problem.  What is the real problem? Stress.

Many drugs support our lifestyle, but don’t allow a cure.  We must take them for the rest of our lives.  Studies show that over 80% of all drug prescriptions are lifetime prescriptions.  That means that they don’t fix the problem, just help us adapt to certain aspects of it.  But they do allow us to live with less doubt than before.   The very popular drug Lipitor is an example of this response.  Lipitor lowers cholesterol.  This is good, isn’t it?  We have been told that cholesterol causes heart attacks.  Is this right? Actually, the cause of cholesterol plaquing on the inside of vessel walls has more to do with inflammation than with the cholesterol levels.  Out of 10,000 people studied, Lipitor had six fewer heart attacks than the placebo group.  This is trumpeted as “a significant reduction” in the rate of heart attacks.  Six out of 10, 305 is a significant reduction?  This comes at a cost of over 9 billion dollars a year, that amounts to more than 1 million dollars an hour, every hour, every day of the year.  

Do you want to adapt, support or correct the problem?  How do you correct it?  What is the cause of the cause?  Look at the symptom and go backwards:  What in your lifestyle can create that problem?  What manner of thinking?  What imbalance in nutrition?  What lack of spiritual understanding?  What structural problem that causes a nerve system imbalance?  Is it an energetic problem?  How do you know? 

Are you looking for the cause of the cause?  Keep asking questions until you get to this level of reality.  Then set a course to correct it and you will help to heal you body, mind and spirit.  An example of this is a lady who was seeking care for infertility and said that after getting healthier, she realized she didn’t need to get pregnant to be whole and healthy.  She elected not to have another child.  Not only was her body healthier, but her mind was clearer and her self image more whole. 

What do you want your life to be like?  Identify the factors that you want in your life.  Take just a minute.  Write them down.  If you really want a more complete life, you will do this now. 

Now, schedule a time to come in and let’s create a plan to obtain the health needed to have that kind of life.

Welcome to spring, and may your life be more whole and complete than ever before.

-Dr. Olson

March 14, 2014

Short and Sweet News

Staying mentally upbeat may have physical benefits, too: Study finds that a postive outlook seems to help people stay healthier as they age.
See the Study: Jan. 21 issue of CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) at

Mouthwash users 'risk a heart attack’ if their product contains chlorhexidine: Certain types of mouthwash increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke because they increase blood pressure by killing off “good” bacteria that help blood vessels relax.  

Take a stand for your health: A recent study shows levels of physical activity and lower levels of sitting time were positively associated with excellent health and quality of life. Doctors are urging the millions of people who work at a desk all day to stand up or walk around the office.

Kids Born With Induced Labor More Likely to Be Autistic: Children of women who had labor induced or sped up with drugs were more likely to go on to develop an autism spectrum disorder, in a new study.

Mom’s Placenta Reflects Her Exposure to Stress: According to a new study by a research group from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, if a mother is exposed to stress during pregnancy, her placenta translates that experience to her fetus by altering levels of a protein that affects the developing brains of offspring.